Automobile Roller Coaster Project for TOP GEAR KOREA

Mission : calculation of the acceleration of gravity and the approaching speed, structural calculation,
          design/fabrication/installation of the structure

Ordering organization : XTM Top Gear Korea (CJ E&M)

Airdate : PM 10:50, 18th November, 2012

A designer of the structure from Space Engineering explains about the acceleration of gravity at different zones and the optimum approaching speed of the vehicle.

Fabrication of the lower part of the loop structure

Assembly at site (Parking Lot for No. 2 Exhibition Hall at KINTEX - Goyang City, South Korea)

Safety Facility of Wire Ropes across the loop

Right before the shooting after completing the installation.

Right before entering into the loop. Acceleration of gravity 6g at the approaching speed of 65km/h.

Driving through the loop. The speed at the peak of loop is 29km/h with the acceleration of gravity 1g.

Continuous Snaps