FIS Approved Quality

Everslide was developed in Finland at early 1980's as a floor material for the landing zone of ski jumping hill, and has been used for more than 3 decades without any problem, which indicates it is technically very stable product.

Currently Everslide is in use by more than 300 ski jumping hills around the world, and all the records of competitions (Winter Olympic or World Cup) made on the Everslide are accpted as official ones by FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski).

The Best Floor Material for Four Season Sledding

Everslide protects the patrons from the burn against the fall onto its surface for it was originally developed for the landing of ski jumpers who fly the sky with the speed of 100 km/h and may fall onto the ground when losing the balance. The stumbling on the ground may cause a serious burn but Everslide elements have been reported always free of the accidents. Applying to the four season sled resorts in Korea since early 1990's, it has gained the reputation as most safe and high quality material as allowing the swimsuited slide down the slope without the worry for the burn against the accidental falls from the sleds.


We have been developing the Everslide continuously in its application and combined facilities, which are protected in Korea by the patent we own. Especially the Everslide Laneguide ensures the safety during the sliding and sprinkler system is integrated inside the laneguide system, which is applied to almost all the Everslide Four Season Sled Resort.

Why EVERSLIDE is special?

No Burn against the Fall.

It was developed for the landing of ski jumpers who fly the sky with the speed of 100 km/h and may fall onto the ground from time to time. It has been reporting no critical burn caused by the fall onto the surface of the Everslide since its introduction to the industry.

Guaranteed Lifetime of 10 Years and Actual Lifetime of 20 Years.

The Everslide elements are chemically treated to resist the frost and ultra-violet rays. Their function and chemical characteristics remain unchanged under the polar weather as low as -20�� below. The lifetime of Everslide elements are officially guaranteed for 10 years, but they can be further used as they have been or can be installed upside down to use further 10 years, which makes the actual lifetime of nearly 20 years that is unbelievably long enough to surpass the competing products. The first Everslide four season sled resort installed on 1997 has been using the front side of Everslide without any problem, but the color of the element is green which can be used more than 10 year with one side of surface, otherwise the upside-down installation is recommended for white color elements approx. after 10 years of use.

Excellent Operation Performance

The sled resort boasts of its highest THRC (Theoretical Hourly Ride Capacity) compared with any of the other amusement park facilities. The Everslide Sled resort supported by its perfect safety and long durability, guarantees the excellent operation performance of the resort with cost efficient budget. The most attractive advantage of Everslide lies in the fact that it increases the effect of synergy much more when it is combined with the landing pool in summer time, which can be transformed to the winter snow sled resort very easily.